Rajiv Arora

Rajesh Ajmera

In early eighties, as young college friends, we embarked on a pilgrimage across India to explore her art and soul, The unique jewellery, worn by tribal communities we encountered, and objects, bartered in markets we visited, caught our eye; and what began as a tentative exploration of a country, transformed over time into a lifelong passion for the decorative arts.Drawing heavily on the everyday life of the people of India, especially its tribes-makes this museum unique amongst its peers, showcasing the wonderthat is Indian art, design, and craftsmanship. The museum has several areas of focus over two floors. The ground floor displays items of beauty and adornment, silver and gold jewellery for every part of the body, from virtually every region of India; with a special focus on pieces that are connected with rites of passage, from birth to death. The basement houses numerous inspirations for design that have been available to the Indian craftsman over time, seen through both the jewellery and the range of silver objects in the collection.While the journey of Amrapali Jewels began in Jaipur, we can proudly affirm that our commitment to revive an older Indian aesthetics, with contemporary ingenuity, has reached every part of the globe. Jewellery from India is today a recognizable brand the world-over, so when people use terms like Tribal, Mughal, Rajput, Temple etc., we confidently stake claim of being forerunners in revitalising these genres. Our Museum Collection, over the years, has been available for study and research to scholars, designers, travellers, students and connoisseurs. This endeavour is just the beginning of how we hope to share the extraordinary living culture of our country as seen across its regions, rituals and religions. The treasures that we collected over innumerable journeys punctuate the narrative of this museum and are an enduring legacy of our fascination with India.

How the Journey Began...

Preservation of Indian Craftsmanship and an insight into today's Jewellery making

Wire Drawing





Making Fine Foil

Gold Palting

Stone Setting

Thread Craft

Fashioning Objects


Gold Foil Strips



Kundan Setting

We offer a free audio tour guide at the Museum. To hear a sample please click on this link. 

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